Pomegranate Muskmelon detox smoothie coolant

Lets Detox this summer, adding one more the line of coolant smoothie, this one is more of detox coolant.How many of us actually like eating pomegranate. Truth be told, I’m not at all a fan of eating pomegranate. One fine evening twinkle toes while watching an advertisement on tv demands for pomegranate juice. Hubby dearContinue reading “Pomegranate Muskmelon detox smoothie coolant”

Peach Orange Banana and Coconut water smoothie coolant

Summer Vacations have started or about to start for many and its time for kids to enjoy and remind us “mother’s” that our vacations will start once the school starts😅.While gathering ideas for coolant drink today I happened to bump upon very ripe peaches, although too small but nostalgia hit and I remembered a smallContinue reading “Peach Orange Banana and Coconut water smoothie coolant”

Pineapple Mango with Coconut water Smoothie

After playing a lot of “May”-be to ‘Different weather morning and evening’ (From Rain to fog and cold in May) Summer is finally here.Hubby dear loves summer, summer evenings are best evenings for him. As for twinkle toes as long as she’s not asked to sit indoors she’s happy with every season.Summer means Mango, everythingContinue reading “Pineapple Mango with Coconut water Smoothie”

Creamy Cheese Pasta

I’ve been on my guilty pleasure stream off lately…Be it the cupcakes and now Pasta. You see when you hit a certain age..No Carbs.No Cheese…infact a lot of No’s are part of routine. So today morning when I woke up with a certain urge to eat pasta ..tried ignoring it…but realized that halfway through myContinue reading “Creamy Cheese Pasta”

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