Makar Sakranti -Bhaja Moong Dal Khichudi

Happy Makar Sankranti to everyone. From Kites covered sky to all about food today, this festival has truly shown me the diversity of my country. In far West it’s all about Kite flying, Khichdi, Til (sesame seeds), In East its Bihu and in Bengali’s its Pithe Parab. With winter slowing down from here onwards andContinue reading “Makar Sakranti -Bhaja Moong Dal Khichudi”

Tahiri with Bathua Raita

Like every Season Winters come with their own beauty. Winter comfort food is one amongst them. Also when the temperature simply refuses to come back to human being normal (Please read trying to come out of blanket normal) such lazy one pot meals is the only cooking that should be considered normal. Rice, potato, veggiesContinue reading “Tahiri with Bathua Raita”

Kamrakh / Star Fruit Chutney

Winters and winter comfort food, its finally good to be back with a post🙏. This one is a “Bowl full of Nostalgia” for me. Star fruit/ Kamrakh/Carambola it goes by different names for all of us. My grandmother used to make a chutney of Star fruit and eventually when the responsibility of packing the sameContinue reading “Kamrakh / Star Fruit Chutney”

Paneer Makhani

Paneer, a delight to all vegetarians or as I’d highlighted in my previous paneer other option so pretend you love paneer. Well many preparations are really difficult as they are very simple…funny line right…you see I’ve learnt many many cooking tips from my husband ( He cooks really good) and one of them says.”TheContinue reading “Paneer Makhani”

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