Coconut and Pistachio Cookies

Cookies are always a warm up for the oven and a mood lifter for our humble coffee…why am i talking in abstract…

You see neither the twinkle toes nor her daddy dear would come near these cookies. She has no interest in anything sans chocolate and daddy darling the mere mention of coconut and he’s lost interest. So these are all MINE.

They are soft, chewy and so coconutty ( I know there is no such word…but you get the essence)and best thing with Coffee❤️
One bite and you get coconut with the chewy and crunchy taste mixed with pistachio. I even tried them with Green tea and they tasted good( I’m not sure about the tea though)😀

Preparation time- 10 minutes
Cooking Time – 10-15 minutes


150g Butter
150g Castor Sugar
1 Egg
50g Desiccated coconut
200g flour
50g shelled pistachio
lemon zest- 1 tsp


Chop pistachio, keep aside, beat butter and sugar in a bowl, add zest, egg and coconut. mix, add flour gradually to make a very soft dough. Keep the cling film ready, layer out the pistachio on it, and roll the dough log so as to cover all side with pistachio. Roll and twists the ends, refrigerate for min 1 hour or 1 day.
Pre heat oven at 180°C, cut the slices as per the need, lay on greased tray, bake till golden brown approximately 10-12 minutes.

Let them cool in tray for min 5 minutes. Enjoy and as these cookies do not have much shelf life please consume the same day.

Published by Richa Bhargava Mitra

A food enthusiast who finds cooking a stress buster. A core Rajasthani married to a Bengali, my kitchen is always happily churning out dishes covering both the states as well as many other experiments including all things sweet :) Baking has never been a part of my growing years and messing around in the kitchen schedule. Primarily because baking without egg never seemed like an option...why ? Well this goes wayyy back. I am a Bhargava who are strictly vegetarians by choice and religion. Hence no onion, garlic , eggs etc can even enter the house..forget the kitchen. But growing years of every generation had their share of baked goodies which always had eggs. My Grandfather ( Mother's father) used to assist in a bakery during his college days in Rawalpindi..this was before India's independence and hence all the bakeries etc were British. My grampa still swears by the taste of all the amazing patisseries and almond milk etc. My mother had her share during her Convent school days and so did I. For my father there was a twist, by the time he grew up his mother had allowed onion and eggs in kitchen ....yippeee. But then eventually every one grows up and the religion factor comes into the picture. Hence till date at my Mother's place no onion in the kitchen. But i married a bengali who was nowhere near to be a vegetarian. So after many... failed, not so successful, will do, oohh good, disaster, can you keep the taste consistent, too much salt and loads of patience i have finally managed to start cooking the way dishes are supposed to be. Hence my blog focuses on baked goodies, vegetarian Bhargava food and Bengali food that i have learned from my husband and In laws. Not to miss the name SweetJaw as i cannot stay away from sweet ..not in any form but i guess cakes, cookies, tarts, pastries, Indian sweets in fact any things that is either baked, deep fried, and has chocolate , icing sugar is bound be the best. So my blog's name is shamelessly SweetJaw

11 thoughts on “Coconut and Pistachio Cookies

  1. Woww!this looks so delicious…. Hi there Richa! No see in a long time and I just got done with my finals… check this out and lemme know! Read through this post for a min🤗😁
are you interested in my newsletter? actually it’s just a little tiny thing I was starting. I was just planning to study, but then I thought eh, why not start a newsletter apart from blog!😜

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