Lemon Cupcake

Lemon ooo Tangy Lemon…why am I loving lemon so soon…its not even summer yet. Well ask that from the weather man…not even in March and temp 30+ already. Bye bye to oranges and all that amazing whiff of cinnamon…Hello Lemon and sunshine. Daughter as usual busy with her chocolate experiments and all things chocolate..but she’s in her zone now which gave my whisk a chance to try something different. Now that the smell of lemon actually feels more refreshing made a batch of lemon cupcakes with lemon icing. Oven doing Ting Tong and she comes running. Helped generously with making of icing paste and her version of star decoration.

Preparation time- Min
Cooking time – Min
Yields- 12


Butter- 125 g
Castor Sugar- 125g
Flour- 125g
Eggs- 2
Zest and juice of 1 lemon
Icing Sugar- 175g
Lemon juice- 4tsp
Strawberries and stars to decorate
Vanilla Essence


Preheat at 180o, line the muffin tray. Whisk butter and sugar , add eggs till fluffy, add vanilla essence. Add flour, zest , mix gradually with lemon juice. Spoon out the mixture while levelling in the tray. bake for 15-20 minutes. Let them cool on wire rack. Mix icing sugar with lemon juice, makes thick paste. Spread them on cooled cupcakes and decorate with sliced strawberries/ or just let your little one experiment.

Published by Richa Bhargava Mitra

A food enthusiast who finds cooking a stress buster. A core Rajasthani married to a Bengali, my kitchen is always happily churning out dishes covering both the states as well as many other experiments including all things sweet :) Baking has never been a part of my growing years and messing around in the kitchen schedule. Primarily because baking without egg never seemed like an option...why ? Well this goes wayyy back. I am a Bhargava who are strictly vegetarians by choice and religion. Hence no onion, garlic , eggs etc can even enter the house..forget the kitchen. But growing years of every generation had their share of baked goodies which always had eggs. My Grandfather ( Mother's father) used to assist in a bakery during his college days in Rawalpindi..this was before India's independence and hence all the bakeries etc were British. My grampa still swears by the taste of all the amazing patisseries and almond milk etc. My mother had her share during her Convent school days and so did I. For my father there was a twist, by the time he grew up his mother had allowed onion and eggs in kitchen ....yippeee. But then eventually every one grows up and the religion factor comes into the picture. Hence till date at my Mother's place no onion in the kitchen. But i married a bengali who was nowhere near to be a vegetarian. So after many... failed, not so successful, will do, oohh good, disaster, can you keep the taste consistent, too much salt and loads of patience i have finally managed to start cooking the way dishes are supposed to be. Hence my blog focuses on baked goodies, vegetarian Bhargava food and Bengali food that i have learned from my husband and In laws. Not to miss the name SweetJaw as i cannot stay away from sweet ..not in any form but i guess cakes, cookies, tarts, pastries, Indian sweets in fact any things that is either baked, deep fried, and has chocolate , icing sugar is bound be the best. So my blog's name is shamelessly SweetJaw

10 thoughts on “Lemon Cupcake

    1. Dearest Joanna,
      Thank you for stopping by and liking them, lemon definitely a versatile fruit… endless benefits which also has a high calorie twist😀
      Always love reading your posts on amazing books and authors ❤️


  1. Looks yummy. And good images to make me think of going out tomorrow to give myself a lemon cake try 🙂 good to know lil daughter has started finding her chocolates well. As for us, yes early summer welcome needs an early lemonade. 😊

    Thanks for sharing these Richa
    Nara x

    Liked by 2 people

  2. These look brilliant, Richa! So maybe a shot at the chocolate muffins for my daughter, and these seem so nice for her parents during evening tea 🙂
    Theory done, just hope I don’t mess up the practicals as I usually do on my baking missions…

    Liked by 2 people

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