Plum Jam

Jam is by far the easiest thing to make and you can involve your kids too in this. My toddler was super happy when she was allowed to shake shake the plum mixture and then stir stir later with lovely colors. “I’m helping Mumma” she beamed with pride. Such is the fun of colorful plum jam.

Preparation time- 3 hours
Cooking time- 30 min


Plums- 500 gm
Ginger – 1 tbsp grated
cinnamon sticks small- 2
juice of 1 lemon
Sugar- 500 gm


Wash, cut and remove the pit of the plums. In a big mixing pan add plums and 4-5 spoons of sugar. Coat and cover with tea towel. Let this sit overnight..or minimum 2 hours. Sugar will release the juice from plums.

In a heavy pan, add the plum and sugar mixture along with rest of sugar, ginger, cinnamon stick and lemon juice. ON low flame, keep on stirring slowly. 5-7 minutes later the color would start turning light purple, let it cook. Skim off the froth with spoon, and keep on stirring slowly. Meanwhile place a plate and spoon in fridge for test later. After 20 minutes, the mixture would start turning thick. pour a bit on the spoon and plate. If the mixture is runny..cook for few more minutes and repeat test. Keep 2 sterilized jars handy. Remove the jam from flame, allow it to cool a bit and then transfer slowly to the jars. Seal the jars and turn them upside down if storing for later usage.
My daughter kept on smiling and shouting “I made Jam..i helped Mumma” while eating.. licking away the spoon and one jar later.
As its really hot in India right now..i avoid storing and use the jam straight away.

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