Versatile Blogger Nomination


This is my first ever nomination on Word press and many thanks to SandraDanby. She has been a regular supporter to this amateur food blogger whose blog is not even a year old. I have followed her blog regularly as I really appreciate and like to read her views and her take on the book she reviews. I’m eagerly waiting for her book Ignoring Gravity – to come to India soon .

I’m not much of a versatile person, or it has been the opinion of my loved ones as they see me very stubborn. But yes this blog has helped me focus on Cooking in a different manner and opened the Pandora box for me. Now it’s almost been a year that I take this task of cooking the recipes to the T and even taking care on the presentation part (which has not improved till date but I’m working on it). My inspirations have been the following fellow bloggers and the entire nominated are not into cooking but looking at a life with prism view.

Please see the following rules for this award-
Include a link to the blog of the person who nominated you.
Nominate 15 bloggers to receive the award, with links to their blogs.
Share seven things about myself.

Corina- – Her perfectly described and beautifully photographed chronicle of Europe .

Georgina- SteppingoutofPain – Not only her blog name inspires but also her posts and her take on brighter aspects of life.

Lisa- – I can spend an entire day on her blog’s archive

Sandra- – her blog makes you feel like running to the bookshop

Madhu- I always believe a picture is worth a thousand words. Her sojourns through the various parts of the world including viewing the moments captured by her lens of my favorite city Kolkata are great.

James and Terri Vance –

and Josh and Malinda –

– Beautifully captured, aptly described pictures and blogs that vary from art to architecture, from history to current affairs and yes their visit and focus on so many things that are in my bucket list too.

Shivaay Delights – her take on global cuisine with Indian roots , beautiful presentation and yes an encouragement to many fellow bloggers whom she introduces from time to time.

Hannah – all I can say is I envy her.

Sonal Gupta –  Her endless list of amazing and mouth watering vegetarian recipes.

Pat Geyer- – I always look forward to his posts.

Lillian- Her take on Vegan and Gluten free food with delicious recipes.

Sara – – From History, to culture, to Food and nature, her blog captures all the essence of Addis Ababa.

Daniel – – Read his post about the tour to local brewery and yes really good bread recipes. – Needless to say – France through his lenses.


Seven things about me –

I live for sweet things I guess evident from my blogs name

I took to cooking more seriously since I lost my life’s balance due to slip disc surgery.

I’m a movie buff and can watch Pretty Woman, Sabrina, Roman holiday, Runaway bride and many more umpteen times….let me cut it short…Audrey Hepburn, Gregory Peck, Humphrey Bogart, and many more from the Black and white era.

I’m an engineer by qualification and took to Human Resource and Training as profession.

My hometown is Jaipur and I always, love to see a tourist’s perspective when they visit my city.

I’m a vegetarian and took to eating Non-veg for a brief period of time. Nevertheless it helped me understand the taste and now helps while I cook for my husband who is a Pure Non-vegetarian.

I love to travel but due to my surgery have been grounded for quite some time. Looking forward to spread the wings again soon.

6 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Nomination

  1. Congratulations Richa, recognition for your wonderful blog is much deserved! I really enjoy your posts and enthusiasm for cooking and am thrilled to hear you love visiting my site as well. 🙂 Lisa


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